Sorghum field

Sorghum forage trials being harvested for data collection at KARE (posted 9/24/15)

Whole plot samples are weighed to gather information on yield, while smaller samples are collected to obtain % moisture readings. This data is then analyzed from both WREC and KARE for statistical differences and posted as an annual report on the website.

Video of drone surveying sorghum field by Blue River (posted 9/24/15)

UC-ANR is part of a multi-team research grant that will be evaluating sorghum for both drought and salinity tolerance and will be employing drone technology to perform rapid, robotic phenotyping of sorghum for character traits such as plant height, leaf area, and biomass area. These data points will be used to help search for genes that control mechanisms involved in both drought tolerance and salinity tolerance in sorghum, a potential model crop for gene discovery of important traits associated with water availability and quality issues.


Video of harvesting forage sorghum plots (posted 9/22/14)

Responding to the Sugarcane Aphid Outbreak in Sorghum Silage Fields (posted 3/17/17)


Sugarcane Aphid Identification and Estimation Training Video (posted 5/4/17)

A fast paced engaging video to teach managers how to identify the sugarcane aphid and how to estimate population densities, two key skills to the management of this sorghum pest.

Sugarcane Aphid Basics (also available in Spanish)
(posted 5/4/17)

A simplified explanation about the basics of the sugarcane aphid. This is perfect for folks that are learning about the pest for the first time. Includes simple blog posts and quick videos about the sugarcane aphid and how to identify the pest. 


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